Once Upon A Silver Moon

Beloved is the sight of tomorrow to the dreamer that dreams away those horrid thoughts
Charmed overly casually, these tainting nightmares pertaining increments of reality
For, here we are in a foreign land, that divides infinity perfectly
Corrupting our fading dominate, addicting personalities, stemming as the bane of one’s sanity,

Therefore, within lies a humble lie

Dressed heavenly the profanity, belonging to an articulate cluster of atoms, found crucified
Benign within a nebula of neurons, edging a bent inverted space-time
So, dive a bit deeper, to cause the consciousness to strain
See, all that ever was and will be, maybe all to vain, a poisonous truth in my veins to claim

What I dare to deny, tomorrow’s unwanted shame
A dreamer I am, screaming at these hollow tides,
Crying crimson tears as my scarlet eyes defiles the ambient sky,
Thus, became I baptized in my fury for a lifetime

However, an eternity in hell seems more of a fitting compromise
…And so shall it should be, at the end of my time…

Being that, just because a sinner repents, it doesn’t change the fact that he was still a sinner
And, just because one dreams of heaven’s glory, it doesn’t bring such glory that much closer
In truth, its gluttony lost to the mind compelling, some if not all sated fools, who live like swine
Drinking carelessly the devil’s wine, forsaking their own anointed ancient bloodline

…Or at least this is what I believe…what I choose to believe

Courting a false final fantasy as we so arrogantly proclaim it to be
Surely, we were meant for more,
Dreaming so, as we dance weeping-ly within this emotional downpour
A lifetime spent to never know if we are truly alive

… Thee irony weighted as the price to balance out knowledge…

For once upon a silver moon, Mephisto gave unto us a forbidden fruit
Take we did…Now naked we are…
Although, this conniving act played upon by a serpent, proved that we have always been
Thus, simply we were shown that we were forever so…

In a tragic way, its sort of beautiful
…Much like being poisoned, if I may say, by a sacred perplexing truth…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~