One Thousand Birds

This melody is full of pain and sorrow
But its gentle and it gives off a feeling of peace
It sort of reminds me of you

Therefore, I will like to remember it
So that I can protect its essence from fading
As I would like to protect you as well

Not to say that it needs any protection
Because charming things that hold an elegant nature of its caliber
Are predetermined or destined to stand against the unforgiving test of time,

Still for some reason I would like to stand by it…

Safeguard it in a way
Maybe it’s only to fulfill my own selfish reason
One that belongs to easing the worries that plague my afflicted mind
Yet I would hope to remain avid in that unfair devotion

Whose knows perhaps in days to come
My thoughts will drift with these white clouds that wonder
Furthermore will I watch as a thousand birds cross the morning sky

Although until that morning tide comes, if it should ever
I will listen to this song
A song that perfectly without words versifies a beautiful soul
And that beautiful soul my dear is you

~ Paradise’s Poet ~