Optic Gold

More so the dreamer
I have become lost in this land 
Where the parted sun reigns 
And where your eyes, within mine, shines of an iris gold

Much to my discomfort 
I have misplaced all my sense of reason 
As I desperately tried reaching for my own misguided soul

Yet from these liquid stars
A torrent cries with a majestic voice that screams of thunder
As you have come to embody the force of god that shatters 
And strikes the celestial realms that I now wander

And I wonder…

Would this illusion last beyond the tale of what it is 
The sacred lie that lies within the hopes of your golden eyes
Alone, I believe such a notion could not…

I cast these words conversely toward an idealistic world 
As I stand as the once parted sun

For I am more so
He that remains delusional 
To think that a fortune’s glow would shine upon him 
Undivided, I am also the one that adorns this blessed goddess
Whom of which is bound to a holy perceptional gilt

Still, Much to a dreamer I remain
Subversively, shall I ever be,
So shall it be
That within my dreams 

Your image will last for an eternity

~ Paradise Poet ~