Parable Of The Monarch

Fascinating are these parables held episodically with red roses blooming ideally
….Among a plutonian night’s eye
Still, far into that oceanic universe do I stare unconsciously
…Transmuting all hopes to the sky
Where darkness reigns illuminated gracefully, as so are those golden wings thankfully
…Blessed I say are these monarch butterflies to fly

The base elements of dreaming you should assume ….

As a moment stuttered swift causing a chrono shift and I lost in my mind
Found a city of citadels benign with gods and that of which I called divine
Here I stood as a Pharaoh with Queen Nefertiti so perfectly by my side

For I…

Was the son of Ra, the moon to the sun but she was my passionate star
Yes, Guilty with having gilt I was, yet I was more so a guilty glutton for her smile
Pyramids were built to fortify her essence; as I knew tales of her charm would transcend time
Sublime as I was reincarnated throughout lifetimes the beautiful one would always come with me

You see her heart plated with gold calls to my own
Thusly the passion that connected us so, no one or thing can ever deny
Therefore, Love goes beyond that of an intimate intercourse
It stands in a realm sanctified in the thoughts orbiting a simple forever

Thereby affections without eternity is just infatuations do not be fooled by your lust
Because then you may end up a monarch shrouded by subconscious shadows
….A pharaoh fading into the sand and dust alone

~ Paradise’s Poet ~