Purgatory’s Phantom

You can find me in a starless purgatory
Stumbling towards the edges of the earth
So that I may have a profound moment, talking to the restless moon

One that speaks of nothing
But the subliminal surrealism sublime to the subconscious mind
Forever protected by a man’s humble heart

The infused jewel revered as a sacred key to the blood haven of kings

Stricken by a blood oath
That sometimes causes the sky to burn of the color crimson
Reflecting upon the dead seas that are no longer blue

Therefore when the moon itself turns blue

Take my hand as we are fated to dance within a well known heliosphere
Unchained and unbound from the fading stratosphere
Claiming our divine providence
As heaven’s suns transcending in an atmosphere unforsaken

Thus esoteric scarlet angels found heliocentric
Furthermore rightfully cosmic in every sense of the word

Yet of this limbo that I now wander; where the stars have no light
An echoing truth will vibrate my vibrant soul
And I will stand as a purified, vivified phantom eradicating this never ending abyss
Allowing the moon that had comforted me to finally sleep in a peaceful slumber…

One held to these lunar skies I am
Although in time the elegance of my essence shall come inherent the welcoming day

~ Paradise’s Poet ~