Queen Alexis & The King Of Fools

Can I for a moment tell you a story…A tale that is but a whisper in our noble royal court
Herein this fable lies a fool along with a beautiful queen named Alexis
Every day the unwise comic would sing to the majestic maiden
Seeking only to enchant her heart, because that which was of his, sat only as hers

Many moons went by, and many times did he make her smile
Thus, day by day she became more and more of a glint thereof his undying inspiration

“My, you are quite the entertainer” her royal highness spoke so eloquently

“It’s just I jest justly about being a jester to justify my jesting gesture
Towards this everlasting love I have for thee” replied the clever trickster

“I take it that you are flirting with me?” asked the queen

“I am a fiend … a night crawler gifted with the ability to amuse my muses
Nothing more my queen, I wouldn’t dare to become such a fool.” answered the royal jester

Then Alexis said, “Well I guess I am blessed that you are already such a fool.”

“And you are a wise queen with a skillful insight to see through these verbal riddles
Which, I leave behind, while hoping with secrecy that I may one day be fit as a king so,
That this clown could escape a tragedy, which has been made
Sorely as a novel displaying my emotions of longing for someone” responded the jester

…They adored each other and their bond grew ever so strong
In private they would dance together, as well as take slow walks underneath the silver moon
Their affection was innocent furthermore was it all too very, very pure

Although, life itself had a dark sense of humor
People starting questioning the queen
Slandering and making rumors of why she was spending so much time tied to a fool
Her image and pride became thin, and what was once love became a scorned hatred

The fool was not at all as he dressed; He took notice and soon broke her gentle heart,
So that her people would love her again as he did…meaning without question
Consequently, to the guillotines she sent him,
With a heavy heart she was to make short a manifested joke

Therefore in chains…bound to those rusty old shackles the jester spoke his last words saying
“I will love you forever” hysterically as the mouton blade fell
With the tears from his beloved Alexis…with tears from his beloved queen
Let the people stare at the King of fools…beheaded for what was always meant to be

~ Paradise’s Poet ~