Rain Drops Of Nirvana

The riddles of love 
Never shook the foundation of my heart.
It has always been something so simple and clean. 
But to some it is a dilemma
That has been stricken with a material aspect.
Yet, this entity is rain drops that showers from nirvana 
Here to cleanse the shyness of an introvert. 
Allowing one the courage 
To open themselves to the world,
So they may find the strength 
To embody love itself.
Now receiving this gift 
Illuminates the way for you to care for others,
And to discover one that will walk with you 
As you uncover the mysteries of the future.
So never fear a moment of solitude. 
For there is where you will obtain love,
And the gravity of the world
Will elevate its density.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~