Reckless Divinity

After the apocalypse of such affection 
A lone rose is left; abandon at the abbey of martyrs 
For those that believed in a foolish thing
That mimics the attributes of love are but saints
That symbolically died for their convictions, and now their lives must start a new
Yet this temple of lost souls 
Is filled with those that holds a likeness to each other
And the rose left is a emblem of hope 
For what lies last in pandora’s box
Can be seen among the iniquities of this world
This allows one that has faith 
To revive with an elevated acute aspiration 
As well as a sternness to their own inner self
I tread in these holy cathedral 
Only to be known as a stranger to a miss conceived paradise
…Or so I would believe
Because I guess I too 
Have become a self sacrificing witness to the promise of armageddon 
Therefore, I wait in the mist of these divine catastrophes 
On the side of those that are rash and reckless
For what is love but nothing else.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~