Your eyes have changed to that of a dull jade
And your soul is yet to be consumed by the beast that instills in the darkness of all man
Although this unfortunate event of fate sings unholy hymns of horror
I still hold you as the cause of my passionate convoluted weakness
Perhaps you are the chain that God has place in my existence as a life link to my dire dying heart
Because as long as I feel pain I know that it is there
For the love that once dwelled within the fragile temple of my affections has become that of ruins
And I await to hear the requiem
That is a tribute to this, which is to be forgotten
Though this bond is somewhat masochistic 
To know that I still hold a tool of heaven is somewhat divine
Even if this torment is unbearable to sustain
This tantalizing connection sparks a hope
That the flame of my lost passion may be restored  
Therefore I do not hate 
Nor do I wish ill will of 
I simply walk as a man left scared by the arrows of Eros
Still Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All)
But I wonder
Is it love that is the cause of all that which is to be conquer?

Such as this unseen agony that I endure 
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~
Yachiru and Kenpachi