Listen my dearest, I must go away for a while… there is somewhere I must drift to
And because I care deeply for you I will not hold you…
I would not dare to be a weighted burden upon your heart
My dear, there is something I must do, forget me for a time, as this time may be a lifetime

Unfortunately, my love I cannot tell you of this place that I will wander to
However, I can leave you with these memories that I bare, as one last talented goodbye
As one last, final fatal memory to share as we become astray from an affection that we claimed was so rare
Like a love that was said to bloom within the shadow of Venus

Such is the retrograde,

Shape shifting sacred meanings creating these epidemics, which causes the sky to cry
Akin to I, as I sit and remember those moments of when your smile eclipsed my mind’s twilight
Thus, in my world you became an anomaly
A curiosity, a wonder giving me a reason to endure the perils of life

Therefore, this legacy I will take with me as I travel towards a bitter unknown
Call it the souvenir solely for my soul, a keepsake to look upon whenever I maybe feeling a bit low
Darling, please do not cry…
Please do not waste you tears on a vagabond such as I, for I am not worth the heartache
Think of me only as a passing stranger and soon I will fade into an obscurity…and soon, my angel, I will surely fade…

Henceforth, an interloper to whisper to the winds gently what was left unsaid

“Evermore is the scorn heart, beloved is the moon and the stars that we share
Our love will transcend time; our souls will align allowing all to be made merry
Look ever so to the heavens where our dreams will collide…
Think of me, my love, I shall return..Hold me in your heart and never forget me
Please do not forget me… wait for a selfish man…for I am yours until end.”

Words I wish I said, My lord
My God, A promise that I wish I could keep before the war…
Nonetheless, The City of Dis will not trouble me as much as my own looming regret of leaving her
Watch over her, Father…Watch over that, which is a fragile personification of my heart…

~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

The Lovers