Right Now

Perceptually walk with me for a moment in time
Envision with me the heliocentric gamma screams
Fabricating the God particle that lies within every man’s third eye

Waving synergy through the complex fluctuating space belonging to abnormality
Fusing quantum ionized sparks which ripple and unravel a touch akin to true love’s kiss


Beta bits syncing statically charged matter harmonizing anti-matter to formulate light
And thereof something greater than these pending subconscious dreams
Being riddled falsely with predetermined cognitive data
Streaming hint trances leading back to what was Alpha and Omega is all that we might see

I wonder …Can you believe that dissonance truly exist

Those who make peace have an ability to elevate beyond our animalistic ideas
Still, it helps us all to remember
That we are creatures mechanically attuned to be subjugated to our emotions
Yet, are we flawed with this curse that we have so called intelligence

For, as intelligent as we are, we fail to find the error in our societies
But…I digress

Look there relative to the kinetic flashes running admits your memory
An infinite continuum merging three dimensions holds no bounds- nor bonds
Therefore as you are of this nature…This resulting energy that virtually bangs
Neither, are you a force that will stop – Simply we must all transfer.

The mystery of what is to come next is an added beauty to this life;
That inherently terrifies us until death
Although, it also makes what is “right now” that which is so dear, and so very precious

~ Paradise’s Poet ~