Royal Eyes

Turquoise… It’s a calming color rooted in my mind
One that is lost in the greenish blue hue falsifying these nightmares of mine
But, I do not care for the fallacies of my reality as the lies keep me grounded within
So, I do not chase a broken spirit sins that dissipates in the wind

Life can be very transparent at times, yet astoundingly, profoundly unclear

…Ironic I guess…Still, I wonder if…
You can tell me why these flowers reach for the sun before they wither and die?

As it all just seems so mediocre, dull, and vain
No matter how colorful their petals may blossom
It only comes off as another shade of grey
Looming with a somewhat artless eeriness that surely doesn’t fade

…The pessimistic cloud storming with a downpour that no one cares for
Drifting beneath sunbeams and shine

Truly pathetic, not knowing that it could throw lighting from the sky
The trumpets would sound and its thunderous voice would cry …what a shame
As a bit of courage does wonders when we tend to fly
Furthermore, the raging hues of a garden inspire the galactic stars to intensify

Crack open the heavens and rain down the reign of the four horsemen with a sonic boom
Lift the veil that covers a biblical revelation as you crawl towards your own doom
For the Apocalypse, Armageddon, as well as Ragnarok
Are just petals adding symmetry to the same flower that blooms

Optimism is relevant, although you wait for the inevitable and I ask why?
Life has a tranquil beauty to it; you just have to open your royal eyes

~ Paradise’s Poet ~