A Ruby Colored Sapphire

Vandalize the vivid voices vanishing with those conceded diamonds
Painted benign beyond that flawless Persian moon
That which was once scorn by the fire trapped within her eyes
And unto her eyes reigned the sun thus of the sun am I forever tied

Blanket her sleeping soul with amber embers that dance upon the tiger lilies lips
So, that I may show you a creature that stands as a nova among a nebula of stars

Moreover tell me, is it really so bad to die for something as simple as a kiss
What if that kiss ignited a cosmic flame that echoed for light-years and lifetimes
Allowing space to shift into that of time
Making such a moment a converted love and love a reality proclaimed as mine

My, would the angels sing…Oh, would the heavens rejoice…

Along this void inked with a hue stained by these ruby colored sapphires
Much like those bejeweled perceptional petals instilled as the irises of her eyes
Akin to the lucid lights illumining this alluring looming dream

Therefore, photonic liquid pearls are set to ionize the sky
In order to spark a notion that will carry her essence across the stratosphere
Bring heat to the atmosphere thereby warming my cold dying dire soul
Ergo, My love shall be known as fire’s Calypso

Hence, Lo and behold a goddess reanimated from brimstone

…And in her benevolent eyes a soul burns so pure…
…Of her grace embers scorn the moon with a crimson view…
Can you imagine the enchanting inferno that lies upon her delicate lips?
Can you see why a man like me would die for such a simple kiss

Set a blaze unto my heart Sunna – While summer sunsets vandalizes my vivid sight
Then white flames will melt man’s diamonds into heaven’s gold
And to this world your presence shall be eternally known

~ Paradise’s Poet ~