Sometimes I look to the sky and think;
What kind of covenant
Do we hold to heaven that bonds us to this world,
And why does God grip the idea of animosity
Towards our humanity.
Sacrilege is a thought that often crosses my mind,
For us humans tend carry the will of destruction in our hearts.
As we use this
As an excuse to bring forth new beginnings.
Naive we are in our ways
To cultivate the misguided intention of this life.
I wonder why we do not realize that penitence
Is what’s waiting for us sinners,
And repentance maybe the only calling that could save our sanity.
I speak of these things
As a transgressor of what is sacred,
And though my words may bear the weight of holy wisdom
My soul seems to bear the delinquent weight of torment.
It’s optimism that maybe the key to our salvation
For a man that smile in pits of hell
May not be insane, but rather
He has found the animosity towards himself,
And now he understands that he can create things of new
Without the acts of ruin.
~Tony Paradise’s Poet ~