Sadness and Sorrow

Sometimes it’s hard to bare 
The pain in ones eyes,
And other times 
It’s agonizing to see the joy 
In the eyes of a lost lover.
Because it takes you to a dark place,
And the shadows there 
Seems to feed on the loneliness; 
That you have made friends with.
For misery is the state of mind that you willing accept,
While you smile at your own self pity
To find some means of joy 
In your own existence.
If you keep digging deep in that abyss,
You will find the pieces of your broken heart,
And it will be a grim sight to see
i can promise you that.
But if you can look pass the shattered fragments 
Of your own self proclaimed inner torment. 
There is a new found strength 
Waiting to be claimed, 
And a life not drowned by sadness and sorrow.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet  ~
Art: spike from cowboy bebop