Satori, A Letter

I have found nothing more precious in this world than one’s own consciousness, the essence of a person’s soul
A personified display of a man’s heart and the universe that stems from it… we are all lost, my son
We mend ourselves around our own pride and arrogance in order to stay sane, as we try to survive in this life,

Watch dear boy, as time echoes slowly…as space reaches onward onto a void drowning in oblivion

Listen, for there are secrets in this reality that no one knows, dreams that are exuberant, lucid, as well as openly foretold
As destiny becomes something to behold, remember providence exists as true gold, so may wisdom be as your ambrosia,
So forth, embrace the cobra and peer unto this existence seeking knowledge to elevate your blessed universal eye,
Find beauty luminescent within a cosmic nebula of a purifying nova, as you are made of stardust, thus angels art you and I

A wonder that Fibonacci is a cryptic sigh, blooming between the delicate flower petals that whisper a gilded ratio
Hence, the principio, the wanderlust of such, surely what was so then, tailored bellissimo among the cosmos,
If only I could show you these un-hilted diamonds scattered about a somber sky, those possessing seven wings as to mystify
Captivating the will of gods if only to deny, the vanity poisoning our beloved lives, hemlock among thee grand odyssey
This journey sits unbecoming to an unraveling quantum tide, mind-numbing, forbearing gravity like comets in the primordial sky

Spoken, dare we are primitive atoms dancing to a symphony, sub-atomically vindicating concepts, which idealize perfection
Still, racing towards ecstasy, we visualize paradise to escape a truth, that screams a human lifetime is not an everlasting vigor
But, a fading virtue granted unto sinners, drifting along a river plated platinum reflecting the silver sands glorifying the moon
A satellite said to perpetuate a heliocentric monsoon, serving majestically a galactic enigma worshipping a dimensional creed
Seen as the royal decree cultivating the heavens, elegantly optimizing eternity and a forever that perhaps may never be

The eulogy pertaining to vitality chants a disenchanting vow verbalizing the phrase “Memento Mori”

Yet, do not give to this grim beckoning, fearful calling, for therein lies creation steganography
Astronomically written in cryptography, that all was meant to understand as nature has intended us all to
Omni, thereupon in view, a revelation that it all can evidently bud anew in this garden outlined wakefully to be an Eden
Believe in the tenacity regarding a dying presence, whereas though it may dwindle into nothingness, a purpose of such lingers

Akin to cinders after its last ember, a second beyond temporal, hence the divine

Follow your heart through whatever hell it takes you, breath as your own entity not ever bowing down to another
Humble yourself in the grace concerning the gifted all, live by the morals conveying one’s freedom to live without chains
Peace is created by the mind, perceive not even nothing as a lesser, as we are all equal, and you can learn from everything
This is your birthright…it’s an experience filled with emotions, that can be at times, too much to bear… hold on to self, Satori

…And, I will be there to guide you the best way I can…

~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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