So be it that I ramble as he who dabbles in the monologue rhetorically benign
Find it that I have discovered affection personified, that stellar skies found beauty among her eyes
She, whom of which, caused starquakes and gravitational tides that moved the heavens, thus shifting the divine
Therefore, a reason for the rainfall, an act parallel to blessings, the tears of god as he gazes upon his creation

Aphrodite is what he spoke, although Calypso is whom the lord saw
And I, a matter of un-importance, became entranced to this grand symphony playing before my sight

She was made of starfire, and I thereof stardust, thus we danced together as a starlet duo
Binaurally orbiting each other in a way that portrayed a planetary waltz, akin to a cosmic ballet
An equilibrium, mechanically inclined, such as I to her wonder, yet some how she to my faults
My miracle I guess, one in which even a blind seer could see her light, henceforth I proclaimed her as lux
The scripted vision in my life that sat as a nova, gilded in love, and by virtue, was I more than so lost within

Beyond a particle horizon where cinders along with flakes of fire beguiled us in our passion
In a fashion very lavish, a dictation impacting my world as if out of Olympus thunderbolts were thrown
Those insubstantial in vanity, but rich, as thereby were they made from dimensional gold
So say it be I although still, hevel, wavering in the distance, trapped among a whirlwind aglow to her flames
Aflame to her glow, ergo a scarlet citadel providing protection unto my burning heart amidst the cosmos

In part, a tale intertwined to the fate of two neutron stars, something similar to their memoirs…

Beloved, tell me you’ll stay, as you and I are heirs to a mystic throne
Created simply astral and astro, inked in Sanskrit so forth crystallized as thine, as I
As we converse while crossing these plutonian seas made bearable because of thee
She who engraved unto my mind what was everlasting in the wake of a fleeting beauty…a sort of biblical creed

~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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