7 thoughts on “Scarlet

  1. Beautifully expressed feelings that causes the soul to light up. As the reader it makes me feel myself in the lines giving a spiritual connection. This empowers my being and spark healing forces. Nice work to share with the world.

  2. Indeed ambitious. There are many lines I liked:
    ”tears of god as he gazes upon his creation”
    ”She was made of starfire, and I thereof stardust”
    ”So say it be I although still”

  3. “As we converse while crossing these plutonian seas made bearable because of thee”
    “Beyond a particle horizon where cinders along with flakes of fire beguiled us in our passion”
    And so on. I cannot help wondering how esoteric the beloved must be to reach parity with the sentiments so well expressed here.

    1. It’s when two great masses get trapped in each other’s similar gravitational pull and orbit each other, rather than ones pull being great causing a singular orbit like the one our solar system has with our sun

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