Schizophrenic Normality

I am a bit troubled by these moments of silence
And, one would think that I have found peace in this quiet state
But, to my misfortune it is quite lonesome when my thoughts are not ranting
As I spend a great deal of time alone in my mindPeer a gaze within my subconsciousness as a non-stop movie makes films
Playing scene after scene – painting beautiful pictures that were once lost in dreams
Speaking poetry and elevated words belonging to a higher dimensional creed
Allowing my personality to split, thus to slip, further into that schizophrenic normality

Where I argue with a reflection, while laughing hysterically at my own torment soul
Together frantically evaluating the quantifiable make up relating to particles
Far too particular in an outright claim inclining itself to be me…The madman
Viewing visions in the eyes of a genius – cursed by his own crippling madness that no one can see

Although, amidst the calm seas I do look for that turbulent storm

When the psyche knows no rest, making my insomnia thee only night terror to lurk
Still, the vigilance is my closes friend…So fitting it seems that it befriends a nocturnal fiend
A glutton starving hopelessly as I set my sights on the hours of a hopeful moon

Therein the paradigm of paradise do I slumber
Thereof this tranquility do I wait for the paradox
Which may make the silent cry cease as chaos shall reign upon my crown
Unstable and equal to the emotions that fulfills my raging heart

…Know that I am blind to this world; A fool wandering this planet in solitude,
Therefore with a lack of noise does my reality become a bit dark…
Perhaps this is why some laugh and smile at the sounds echoing from their own looming insanity
…The joys of being able to hear yourselves think…crazy some would say.

~Paradise’s Poet ~