Second Only To None

I see it in her leering eyes
The hidden sight of passion 
That is Unbroken 
By the erotic nightly breeze
I felt it in the genuine touch of her angelic hands 
That caressed her gentle skin 
As it perspired in the heat of our lustful moment 
This Kama sutra seems all to forbiddening 
But the act is all to promising 
And for a brief period in time 
We are lost to a spellbinding sense of ecstasy 
Enchanting as always 
Are the women of this world 
With a sexual demeanor 
Second only to none 
That even the gods are jealous of their own creation
So it would seem that they have cursed us men 
With a ritual of love that pulls at every man’s desires 
A kind of dance that is more dangerous to him 
Then any act of war
Therefore, Mercy is what I cry 
For even after a thousand battles
A man would still be left wanting to return to her bosom 
As a sword would return to it’s sheath 
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~