Seeds Of Juliet

Let’s falsify the unseen dreams
That moves the spirit and grips the soul
One that melts with hopelessness together lost
In a sea that has been broken by the will of man

With all fear beloved in an ocean of lies
Drowning in the hands of the righteous sinner
The angel that beheld sanctuary
As well as the seven seals of heaven

Blasphemy says the heretic
The act of sacrilege cries an unholy ghost
Yet of the holy, the rarity that blooms, lie seeds of Juliet

So, Look beyond the stratosphere
To understand the glory of it all
Bathe in paradise while swimming in the void

That which cradles a thousand suns, and an everlasting silver sighted moon

Allowing, pure intensity to shatter the immensity that wanes
And from that dwindling essence a dove-like elegance
Will grace this well known creation

Thus I stand in awe
Towards this makeshift reality that I have seen
A falsified unseen dream that I know soon will be misunderstood

Still…I see these clouds… and these stars…and like all…
I cannot help but wander
Deeply into this cultivated wonder of an unknown gifted God…

…It’s sort of like diving into that of universal tides tied by the intertwining ties of fate

~ Paradise’s Poet ~