Sentiments Of Vertigo

That captivating look always gave me a reason to reason with my sentimental heart
For once she gave a smile and I smiled back, daringly at the joy that bloomed from her presence
As we stood fluorescent and heaven sent, staring at the relevance pertaining to a dearly departing revelation
A destiny, we saw so unspoken, one hidden very well like Fibonacci among creations divinity

Thus, dream with me a parted enigma guided by the sacred geometry encrypting the cosmos created omni
Where sapphire pearls ignite the sky, and of her eyes, which I find to mesmerize even an immortal’s life
Such a common thread angels whispered sharply across a promised land, thee holy land forfeited unto I
Vivified, thereby beauty personified, kissing a distorted melody belonging to love within my veins

How can I explain the temporal tenacity guiding a haphazard universe that is nefarious for conceiving chaos
An architect designing madness within a volver that dances delicately throughout space
Only to leave increments and fragmented pieces of passion, along a lucid lividity bearing a twisted twilight


Lies she told to me under the moonlight, vows tainted with sin…I became a martyr believing in a fabricated god
Assuming faith had similar attributes akin to gravity, however, infatuation tends to be lost to its own weightlessness
Therefore she smiled, thusly compelling me, and thereafter my world fell victim to the sentiments of vertigo
Still, Bellissimo was the word I  uttered as I found myself intoxicated thereof her hopeful eyes
Oh, but why did I not give unto her more, perhaps then I would not linger about festering beneath the night

Bringing so forth tragedy with my broken quill
It matters not though anymore…a prisoner I have become to my own memories
Illustrating the virtues regarding an affection quivering amidst these tales and shadows

… A catastrophe

In which, I wish simply to tell her that my devotion towards her will always be an everlasting infinity
Parallel to those infinite dimensional entities, far more sanctified than any saving biblical trinity
Inclining that I would sacrifice my beloved serenity if merely to stand justly by her side
As to rather live in disharmony with her than to walk into perfection with someone else,

Could you imagine such strife within… the conflict

Letting go of all your selfish impulses, together thine own arrogance, plated personally characteristically yours
All to elevate your Juliet, to see her continued smile, although it may be gifted unto another
Do you truly love or is it really, in your eyes, an entitled elation you desire to hold, that you need to proclaim
Out of a fear concerning a lonesome derivative emotion, haunting you in a ghastly manner like a somber echo
She smiled at me and promised me forever and I did the same… she left me, but my forever never changed
Nonetheless, nevertheless, is the weight bestowed upon love, carried in remembrance between the moments we often shared

… Vedi Verona, bound to moonlit diamonds and sunset rubies that are worth less than a simple, elegant rose…

~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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