Walk with me upon a planet made anew by the ideals of paradise
And I will show you a woman with the world tattooed upon her right shoulder
Moreover there from her arms
Embark on a journey towards her gentle hands as they symbolize peace

Thereby a merciful goddess
Blessed with a virtue that may lead earth down a blissful path of harmony
To be immortalized
In the valley belonging to a field of hidden lotuses known only as Shangri-La

Oh but, If only golden diamonds flooded the sky
Would the universe then understand what beauty bloomed from its chaos
Yet those golden diamonds are of her elated soul

Therefore, she reigns perceptionally parallel to the sun
The chosen idol we men for ages have worshipped
Carving statues of
In the hopes that we may become closer to such godly things

Although, we failed a purpose was given unto us…
An eternal gift
Much like this woman that waits for thee

Believe your eyes when you see this benevolent being;
As you finish walking with me
We will find her in a celestial garden that grew beneath her feet
Dawned by the morning star
Which is held sacred to our lives, and thus so, shall this flower forever be

~Paradise’s Poet ~