Soulless Sacred Eyes

You know
The color of your eyes have changed
I once saw  golden irises 
That could pierce the heart of any demon
They could hold embers of passion 
And captive the burning intensity of ones desires
You know 
The look in your eyes have changed
You once held the eyes of an empress 
And with those eyes you could make a man sink in terror 
Causing him to  faithfully hold himself vigilant to your gaze
For if he wasn’t able to see the perception of your wonder 
It would a sin towards his heart
But you know
Now your eyes stare with dullness
They have become lifeless, and black
There is no shine or any type of sacred colors 
Only a shameful fading sight of that which was beautiful 
The embers are no more 
And to perceive what is left of your wonder
Would leave a man in despair  
Condolences I give
For something so magnificent should not have been lost 
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~
You may never stop loving a person, but sometimes the color in their eyes just tends to fade.