Sounds of a Battle Cry

Grab a blade 
For the time is now.
Impulsively will we charge into battle
With the sounds of  screams  
Uplifting our morale. 
At an instant this path becomes
A matter of life and death,
And to those that hesitate they will die.
God’s reckoning is the only mercy here. 
For the only thing our weapons carry
Is a hell bound fury.
And the only gift that you can give 
To those that stand in your way of your path
Is a murders intent and pool of his own blood.
So, Lets let our aura 
Glow with the will of our fighting spirits, 
And smile;
For this is the day 
We may meet our own death.
     ~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~
Death may claim my body, but my soul lives forever.