Sounds Of The Samurai

“My brother in hell we shall share a drink
My brother in hell we shall know peace
And who so ever among us shall die first, may his bother follow him swiftly”

These were the words I agreed upon as we stood as enemies
As our swords dared to dance in these broken forsaken winds falling hastily unto the east
For, in a time of war our bloodlust grew knowing only gluttony
Therefore, agony fell upon those that viewed themselves as brother tied the impending hostility

Gradually, let me reenact a scene cemented in trails and tragedy

Look to the sky as the heaven’s tears episodically stands to fall upon two spirits
Lost to their half-hearted ambitions that drown in each other’s blood
Hold the sight of lighting screaming from their brittle blades
Every time they dared to draw the others last breath, piercing violently with a striking tempest

“Dine with me brother in the glory of our rivalry”

What valor they knew when a burst of adrenaline corrupted the veins
Man-slayers dreaming only of the next moment entranced only to the conflict
Sinister steel grazing flesh and bone simply adding more excitement to the calling of their own deaths
Such a small price to pay they believed as they echo actions in this misguided paradise

Although, perceptional-ly a paradise nonetheless
One to awaken thunder from its somber silence, feeding off the energy raging with intensity
That became that of dragons storming throughout the same heavens, crying so endlessly
Dramatic timing sharp edges cutting carelessly, as both daydream fittingly about the others lobotomy

“Come with me brother, do not dishonor me”

In this horror, as some would call it, these samurais found a profound peace
In this fantasy, they discovered an innocence, which only they seemed to understand genuinely
It was if they were playing, and death was an un-feared penalty
The chaos grew, dragging on for what seemed like an eternity
Allowing for hours to pass as cherry blossoms hoped to bud anew, but only a fatal iris bloomed

“My brother in hell we shall share a drink
My brother in hell we shall know peace
And who so ever among us shall die first… my brother, …My bother I am sure to follow you swiftly”

~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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