Starfire – Albina’s Tune

Within the fading dawn stood two twin tulips,
And upon their lips, words petal-ed with elegance held an atomic bliss that spoke of relics,
Whispering tales belonging to a void which bloomed thereof the color amethyst
Coinciding, within the evolution tied to a blank consciousness,
A big bang became this siren shedding particles of enlightenment…Thus, there it all began,

A story of two that dawned in the echoes, echoing ever and everlasting between two beloved conduits
Those channeling forever transmitting reincarnation, dreams, and love lasting for a lifetime

…and of a lifetime thereafter…

Nothingness personified I was, while she shined as the architect of creation,
Dancing to the silent sounds of empty space, for music was of her soul,
And I, a somber entity took pity upon my own, as I knew not those acoustic harmonies
But I knew surely of her image and of her grace…What a waste my existence would have been,
If say her embrace was never misplaced upon this lonely vastness

…Sublime, yet superficial I believe… nevertheless

A wonderment herald her creation ergo, she wandered becoming Venus and I to follow stood as Mars
A god unto mankind, likewise she a goddess in form
How could I not adore this idol who sat ideally within my mind
The heaven’s shook every time the planets aligned, and I vibrated sighs as I glared upon her vibrant skies
However, my tremors grew fairly dim
When the tranquilities beaming from her cosmic lullabies quivered ever so benevolent
Such benevolence lost to, as well as within a nebula’s gripping gauntlet
There roaming comets found a home around her aesthetics, waltzing to an enchanting gentle tune

A miracle having chaos to mimic beauty, henceforth let the chaos ensue
Thusly I awoke, as if it was all, but a dream, behold in view the royal fool
…Courting only his humor tailored to a wishful truth, then I saw you,
Queen Alexis a dreams undying proof, another time in eternity we found ourselves profoundly renewed
While two twin tulips laid resting between your intertwining hair locks,
A being covered in petals of forget me nots was crowned with a tiara tainted a sapphire blue
Causing me to jest justly about my jesting gestures and how flowers will always bloom envious of you

…C’est la vie vue, ma star…
It’s an act simply showcasing a diminutive admiration for one as beautiful as she is acute
…Label it an unyielding virtue, that attuned…

Many moons sighted our courtship, the Montague escorting a captivating Capulet
An empress, hereby sovereign, fully extravagant, poised, together a Bellatrix far beyond elegant
Perplexed I seem, considering too often I linger amidst the confines of my own mind,
A bit mesmerized or rather overly mystified,
For angels may sing souls into serenity, but I pray none hummed a hymn quite like hers

Fa la la…la la…la fleur de dieu

And, yes I do melt to the sounds of her voice,
So solely benign as a fifth dimensional curve strips us from this reality
My, if beauty itself had a name and a face, so surely would it be this creature in my eyes, as infinite as time
A cattleya for my dearest Albina,
The light that beckons in the night sky, thereof the morn we became birds if only to fly
Within a paradise where two twin tulips held a fairytale that told secrets pertaining to our love, my love

Quoting ravens and those nightingales
That song a song reiterating that a queen and a fool where once planetary gods

Created from nothing, but a void be loving the pulse fire who ignited star fire within a big bang
Reincarnating through the phantasms shaping reality,
Behold heaven’s sacred duality, one ebony another ivory
And with every rebirth those tulips grew all to majestic emulating our essence
Fading with the dawn, just to dawn in the twilight

Imagine if you will the ebb and flow of a quantum tides
Forever doesn’t seem long enough when I am by your side
To a spirit that embodies a queen, a flower, and a star…wait for me, the infatuated bard singing a song
One more adieu I care little to prolong, therefore come quickly my final chime
As two twin tulips wither away in this moment, for in the next my Juliet, lies another cherished lifetime…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~