Stellar Density

I can see your image 
In a cloud of uplifting smoke,
While drowning in the lingering essences 
that surrounds me. 
As I sit 
And fill myself with galactic knowledge 
You become the source 
Of my curiosity. 
Lost to your undefinable ways; 
In my mind 
You will forever be a majestic portrait of salvation.
A photonic deity 
Unseen by the all seeing eyes of fate,
For the gamma rays 
That emit from your stellar density 
Will alleviate the infinite walls of dynasty.
An astrological phenomenon
Of glistening sacred stardust. 
I am mesmerized
And aligned to the riddles of your gravity.
I have become captivated 
To every subatomic particle 
That makes up the relativity of your cosmology,
While being stricken
To an everlasting sense of awe.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~