Sweet De La Vie

Cast away the stars and shoot red arrows to the moon
To see how far that my love can go
Watch those darts that were crafted from cupid’s will outline your presence
As upon these lunar white sands will a bed of beautiful beloved roses bloom

Stand with me in this moment curse by valentine
For always you have been a living Fur Elise echoing throughout time
A daunting shadow of elegance that haunted my dreams
A dream…The benevolent soul etched in my heart as Hermosa to be

Give me your hand so that we can wonder in a world apart
There we will dance in an enchanting volver
Showered by petals colored with a known crystal blue
Which alone shall reflect your aura that shines as a sweet de la vie vu

Lovely is it not…Surely not as lovely as thee

Speak to me intoxicating words of ecstasy – Poetry to make the angels sigh thus cry
Priceless liquid pearls creating an endless blessed sea
Allowing, you to flow down this belle riviere with me
That has been heaven sent and drifting towards our destiny

And, among the night magic will fill the air as it brims from your timid smile
Having the whispers of the wind linger around your passionate lips
That caresses a tender voice soothing a gentle kiss
Shared between two fading like that dear clair de la lune

A soft melody to carry mi amour
Hold closely please my precious flower
As you are my only unbroken personified perceptional muse

~ Paradise’s Poet ~