The Aesthetics Of…

What do you say to a man that can see though nothing
A person that can comprehend all the poetic formals of space-time
Yet, he himself has no way of proving such vanity

As for years he had searched not just for god, but of his own self
And in this forbidden journey he has found love, hate, sadness, and joy
And along this sea of emotion no idol stood… only a perception that was ever changing
Vital to the sanity that understood it all, though with it all did it to slip into madness

To think what if
What we have been search for was nothing among nothingness
Every day we peered at the heavens
Looking to see that which is, although is not ever there

Which leads me to this question…How can something be so vast with empty space
Yet, at the same time conscious of every atom that makes up its own personal universe
Structured with intelligence… able thus capable to dream about everything
However, it has no substance merely, lies and illusion cradled in stardust called man

Tell me what do you say to a man that can see the conscious mind of nothing
Who can see the poetic abstract mental state of a void
The fool foolish enough to tattoo the laws of chaotic order upon his skin…

For eons we will chase after that which can be simply over-stood
Undermining the beauty of it all.. The pure genius of it all
To have something needed that can never be found
Something to come before any god and after, since nothing edges that which is everlasting

I guess you can call it the curse of our first sin one that only an all power God could create. ..

In this reality all things can be formulated, calculated, and represented by numbers
Now of those numbers there is one that has absolutely no value
But, without it everything falls apart…and you can’t take it out.
Seeing as how it’s the answer to the formula of light itself

Therefore, through it alone everything becomes possible…
A theory – nevertheless I wonder
If this emptiness had a consciousness like you and I, would you call it God…
Perhaps it’s a concept most would find troubling, still does it not intrigue

What do say to a soul that believes all things are possible? Even the aesthetics of…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~