The Agony Of Time

Here I am again
Within this void that persist as the agony of time
And far into the depths of my soul is it present
While onward onto the sky, and to the star, and the moon
Does it reach with vanity and iniquities
Much like this fading life that we hold so dear
Even so
Dictators of men are we now…. Fools
Cursed by the fallen bloodline that we are stained with
Thus, within his eyes are we nothing but,
Sinners, and those that are hopeless

Lost creatures striving religiously to find some sort of repentance
A fitting tale of redemption perhaps 
I laugh at the thought of it all
At the purpose bestowed upon man, before man, and after
The servants of God, created by God,
Yet, his creations destine to be the victims tainted by the unholy hands of Lucifer
This madness ensues, and I cannot escape from it
Therefore, recklessly do I now run towards it 
Because, even in my darkest hours does my consciousness scream for peace
And for the serenity buried in ongoing wickedness that instills my mind 
A mind that is broken into fragments of dogma
That are covered so naively within a lustful creed, 
To this reason I care not of being holy, nor of any sainthood
I simply want to be a man that is free of his transgressions
The atoned spirit that will spark a flame of good will
Seeing as how
By virtue does that heavenly fire burn
Together with an inferno of righteousness does tranquility shine
So, to the universe I have denounced this life as mine
For the servitude of us as one
Whereas this is god like,
So, shall my deeds, and my essence forever be
However, my place is not among the angels
I am just a man walking, more so,  trudging aimlessly down a forsaken path

Bearing my own sacred proliferated heavy heart

And in time may this agony learn of its end

~ Paradise’s Poet ~