The Amethyst Of Eternity

Tantalizing isn’t it 
The void that forever bleeds with a veil stained in a color coded amethyst 
Rich in the lust of all things that are sinister 
As a plague that feeds upon the crimson pearls 
That was once tears of fallen angels
Eradicating is the thought 
One that had forsaken the words of mercy 
And those which were swallowed by the false dogma of a serpent
Still together has it all been forgotten  
The impending doom 
As well as the desecration of revered gems marked as holy 
For sacrilege is a poison that lurks within our veins 
Manifesting itself as the wonders of our sins
Within the pupils of our eyes
O this tone of violet 
Can only be matched by the strings of a weeping violin
Or the daunting keys of devil’s piano 
A frantic sound that plays relentlessly 
Herein the cerebral cortex of my twisted imagination 
Therefore like a mad man do I dance
Diabolically between the realms of moonlight and that of shadows
Because there is no sun 
For us that have become nocturnal creatures  
Those that are lost to the world of the living 
As fiends of a broken sunset
Such as this fading sense of awe…
Mesmerizing is the intensity of this moment 
An overcast that dims in a dense gravity
Shape beyond a star struck nebula 
To what purpose is bestowed among my eternity 
The heliotrope casted as the damned 

Held to a stratosphere that has been preordained in blood

                       ~ Paradise’s Poet ~