The Beast Of The Four Winds

The four winds gave birth to a dragon
That was to be an entity of an everlasting sight
One that stood at the open gates
That belonged to the mountains of heaven
And from the fire that exhaled from the lungs of this great leviathan
Soared the essences of a majestic phoenix
A creature that only knew beauty
Through the rebirth of its own righteous flame
So with no fear of its own death
Did this sunlit ruby gem
Embedded itself within this eyes of a furious tiger
He who carried the tattooed stripes of his ancestors
Together with the mighty fangs and claws
That would seem to last forever
Upon the shell that knew no end
For what lays within this cortex
Is the quiet wisdom of age
That bestowed longevity within the turtle hermits mind
A consciousness that has come to withstand the test of the illusion of time
And the falsified algorithm that man has created 
Yet this paradox of life is the way that we have chosen
A way that I have come to liberty myself from
For I am the dragon of the four winds
A phoenix that wanders but is never lost
The tiger that is blind but can always see
As well as the turtle hermit that is
The silent storm that everyone can hear
…And so are you.

We are all these things, for we are nothing itself
~Tony Paradise’s Poet ~