The City Of The Setting Suns

Gaze into my piercing eyes for a time, where the setting suns tends to die
And I let the hours which are possessed by these meaningless minutes
Pass from the seconds that we hold so dear within a wakeful moment,

One conscious to the cerebral sounds of these visceral elements
Echoing signs conforming to a sense of forever…for an everlasting ever, cannot be denied

See the melody belonging to a city unchained willfully from a mortal parallax
Frozen to an angelic like mosaic painted, descriptively and intricately shouting beauty
Finding cryptography within a broken chronograph tattooed timely of steganography
Holding riddles pertaining to the unseen
Thus, blessed his he, who knows the serenity coursing about his own simplicity

Because that apart, an enigma is the heart
Still, I gazed deeply into her eyes to find what some would call a soul
For lately the nights have been quiet cold, as these beloved stars refuse to shine
However, I discovered something almost divine among the nocturnal tide,

…That there may be another weary just like I…

Resting in the city of the setting suns, watching as the dawn slowly dies
Believing that the morning was simply a momentary lie,
Since, the night was only hiding behind this vile of incandescent light
Such is the secrets shadowed in time, an epic instant vivified, when we let things fade beneath the twilight

Nevertheless, forsaken I stood unsure to the glory that illuminated life in the heavens
Feeding on an eerie atmosphere, dreaming with an ever ticking gear gauging an aging clock
That perhaps space may know an ellipse… as to curve like her nimble lips
Much to a whispering kiss, sighing repeatedly ripples of images tied to an unforgotten paradigm

Perchance, but was this the fate of all things I wondered, why must I even try…
Gaze into my piercing eyes for a time,
For in that somber darkness I saw a creation so benign, edging so surely sublime
What I asked was to carry me beyond this cherished night sky…
Where thymes tended to wither and tended to unfortunately die

A distance voice cried out saying… together we will make it, you and I…
…Together… someday… we shall watch the beckoning sunrise…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~