The Crescendo

Among these distorted anti-prisms, the singularity belonging to a multiverse whispers in echoes
And very intricately does a beloved God play the delicate sounds of heaven’s symphony
While perplexing an orchestra vibrating vibrantly of mainly quivering quantum stings
Deviating from an apex tied to a mangled matrix, yet like Orion’s Bellatrix is it only bound to beauty

Maestro if you will,
Compose a sight unto the world that gleams freely a fifth dimensional gold
To illuminate the grand souls made of sol
That interprets an enigma causing bent space to be labeled as a nomadic perpetual time
And, in thy own eyes shape a shifting photonic light that has been encrusted with diamonds

While sharing parallel particle like pearls
As those electrons and gravitons intertwine in an unlikely fondness
Honest, have you ever danced within realms of elevated dimensions
Traversing the galactic ley lines in such a fashion to have your entire being thus remedied with passion

Lost to cosmic madness, staring deeply into a stellar abyss as your celestial veins franticly pulsate
Intune to the chaotic order of all things created benign between the minutes of creation
Forever to think that something all to perfectly profane could become so purely profound
That even a three head hell hound could find grace and momentarily look up peacefully at that broken sky

… A notion to reach ever densely unto that light bringer too…Ergo

Expect a melody measured by those harmonious sighs of supernovas
That glares universally into the arctic voids proceeding from those black holes where I lie
Mimicking a crescendo personified but paralyzed to the music that intensifies
As those lullabies upholds the essence of Virgo

The principio once more stands convicted towards those convoluted impossibilities
As a covenanted I paint so vividly across the empty spatial canvases eloping within my mind
Blind to the complex wonders simply eluding mortals that remained as the unwise
To what purpose is it all if I die not singing with these holy hymns and chords amplified by the crucified

Specifically deriving from Andromeda’s violin, and for it listen, a din vision
A bit of paradise I gaze upon which fades slowly, although surely objectifying this fragmented life of mine

~ Paradise’s Poet ~