The Essence Of A Star Once Loved

You know there is this echoing whisper
That dances around my ears every time I look up at the stars
Its the wind reciting my name but with your voiceAnd I am haunted by your smile, our laughter, and those moments of sweet joy

Therefore, nocturnally do I tread along these nightly shores
Foolishly awaiting the sentimental murmurs of a forgotten love
So, the pain that fulfills my heart may understand a once known peace
Even if that peace is to the length of an uneven sigh

Sometimes I have found myself gently speaking of your name
As those soft breezes bashfully flood the lunar-lit sky
Also I sometimes lose myself to the thoughts of your revered essence
While trailing these memories that are lost to a passionate adolescents

…Oh my dear we had such fire in our souls…

Perhaps one day those wandering planets will align
Together for a short time will our souls intertwine
As we gaze upon that noble cosmic sight

Allowing us to dream
A dream of us free falling in each others arms throughout the night
Then, for a night
…Of a sacred silent night
I would not have to say that I miss dearly my beloved star

But until that hour comes
May God bless whatever heaven it was that sent you

~ Paradise’s Poet ~