The Fate Of Our Love

Intellectually compassionate within a sea of conviction,
For we hold a testimony
That our love last longer than diamonds.
While we are rooted in the broken shards of eternity
We hold the pieces of forever within our hearts.
A misguided raven I have become,
For I scream cries of forevermore
To you my everlasting dove.
For biblically have you beared
The symbol of hope upon your lips,
And upon you lips
Is where I wish to bear my love.
For a kiss that we share
Could stop the hands of time,
Yet in eyes fate
We shall be lost in time.
So, my dear
I must tell you
That fate is only equal to death
But we are bound to infinity.
Therefore, I ask
How can fate find the time for our love
If we are lost to an endless nature?
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~