The Flower Of Revolution

It’s a beautiful flower that blooms in the night
One that holds a secret that waits untold
Buried beneath our sandals and underneath the timeless unyielding sand
It’s a flower that speaks of revolution
As well as being an entity that embodies a rebellious soul
Who among us has seen the crimson moon that peers in a sea of blood
While standing at the heels of the devil’s door step
Smiling at the sight of his own dismay
Such an ill fortune sense of judgment
With a mind full of things to digest
Yet the mind is not present, and sanity is a gift that sits obsolete
For one that lingers in a realm of injustice
Can only look towards their hearts
An element that is slowly becoming as black as the evil that one would wish to pose against
But with the grace of a grand overture
And the petals of a night’s flower that are like sacred shifting shards
One will find muse in these color coded diamonds
Allowing a rebel to be born
A child blessed with the mercilessness of Lucifer
Together cursed with the benevolence of the father
A spirit to whose eyes will be engulfed in a fury
That bleeds with the people’s enslaved lost vendetta
I ask
Who will be the insurgent
That will walk in the midst of this Armageddon
As a demon to those that repress
Moreover an angel, an efflorescence saint to those that are oppressed
You see change is coming

Because change has always been and will forever be 
That which is inevitable  
~Tony Paradise’s Poet ~