The Fool Of Iniquities

A fool I am to my own iniquities
Eternally the drifter chasing these nomadic dark clouds
For even though they seem heavy hearted
They wonder…As I the same wish to

Because among the elegant sky
There are no more stars that will linger alongside that majestic white moon
Nor do the butterflies flutter by in the summer time
So of the winter do I fall

But, in the spring I had found myself lost in a garden of lilies and of lilies
The vision of beauty that pierced the thrones of my perception
Making me hope towards something sacred once again

Yet, my admiration blinded me
To the sight of a florescent flora that had already been deflowered
Therefore when I realized the truth
I had to come to grips with the thoughts of losing this deep infatuation

Tragic some would say
Although I did not love, so no pain befell my lonely soul
Still the memories were nice
And will remain as such until they all fade

As I will
While drifting with these heavy eternal clouds
Following my dark and nomadic heart
Thus, whereas I wish I will wonder; Seemly known to myself as
The fool of iniquities

~ Paradise’s Poet ~