The Grace Of Vanity

When I sleep
I dream of her face,
And the whispers of her voice
Sounds like a gentle lullaby.
What is she doing to my spirit?
And why am I drawn to her essences?
Could she be the blessing that I have been wait for?
For a girl like her is one of a kind,
And a fool like me
Wouldn’t mind waiting for her in vanity.
If there was a way for me to illustrate my thoughts,
So that she may see my admiration.
I would demonstrate
An affection so brilliantly
Even scholars would label her the Mona Lisa of our time.
And in time the sight of her
Will linger in the thoughts of all man
As an expression of beauty
As well as a model of elegance.
I prey that you
My princess never stops moving
To that rhythm that ripples from your glory,
So I can forever marvel at the gravity that lures me to your grace.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~