The Hemlock Love

A dire sickness painted as a satin silhouette
Her dancing shadows looming among these velvet flashbacks
Therefore, fumbling frantically I have become lost
To those feeble feelings that someone else would call love…


It’s nothing more than an overdose of dopamine others would say
But, the euphoria laced within goes far beyond those complex chemicals
For, the side effects that linger are almost always fatal
Thus, pour again the sweet taste of poison, which I desire

I implore

Whereas, there was a time scripted by time when I felt an emotion
One that perfectly blended chaos with peace
In order to create something beautiful and unique
Like the way her presence shook worlds, or at least mine, making my heart weak

I remember her voice, her smile, those eyes, and more
The lore to the madness knocking at my mind’s poetic door
Cradle me in your arms my dearest Lenore
And, I will be the raven quoting this – that “I will leave you nevermore”


Ever so the ebb and flow breathing deeply the ebb tides of my beloved’s name
Such a shame, surely I can subside this pain
Wed locked within the hemlock known as love;

Oh, one more time maybe far too much
But, I will drink and if I should die – love would be the reason that I lie
…A sip to Paradise’s creed her image will forever taint me,
Here’s to love, and may mercury heal this foolish king

Alexis, to you…cheers to my Queen

~ Paradise’s Poet ~