The Lips Of A Luckless Lily

Lushes and lavashing are the lips of a long lost lover
And it’s a shame 
That I can not live unloosed to these
Lucid lingering wasted dreams
For a lock hearted fool like myself 
Leers deeply into a limited memory
With a hopes to liberate ones self from such luckless thought
Although lo, and behold
Loathsomeness  is not what I am lodging
Because to reminisce reminds me of a time when I was not so lonely 
But to honest lobotomy seems a lot better than 
The recollection of lies that comes with such a tainted lustful kiss
Its a lily that has become a troubling must 
The labor of a past love one might even call it 
Yet, at last 
I am just a lyrical liverish ludwig without a crown
Ranting about the luxuries of things that I once had 
So Let me label myself a lone keeper 

Of that which lies ancient and forever aloof of inconsiderate loftiness 
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~