The Mephisto

Let’s ascertain the ideas proceeding from a charismatic villain
A diminutive eulogy dawning the early signs of a sublime madman…Who was…
To bare the symbolic markings of Alpha and Omega along with a cryptograph telling
The whereabouts of a fallen god’s ashes said to absolve a woman’s love and a man’s lawless sins

Look to those isle belonging to the demi-martyrs
And, there will manifest a manifestation mimicking the one known as Mephisto
Or Mephistopheles, not to be rude, although if one should please
I maybe a devil, but my dignity is still of me…therefore

Shake the helms of serenity for the sake that saves salvation’s quoted creed
Dare to dare a venture down the river Styx with me, perhaps a chalice full of wine for thee
As we barrel though the perils which lie unforeseen
Accursed black waters taint by black souls will be our guided; do not give into your sympathy

Have empathy, yet know that they are there, because of their own anger and selfish greed

Those furious fiends notoriously boiling and burning without brimstone
Maybe, if I had heart I would say that the sight is somewhat of a tragedy…I’m jesting
The cretins trapped in a perpetual state of immorality
As this is the only way that their consciousness can survive, A genocide to thrive

Yes… still I would like to invest in you a sort of hope… a notion that sparks of tranquility
Grip tighter that chalice once given,
And stare at the wine you sipped so slowly to see a liquid ebony…Then,
Hear my incantation which spills ongoing rhetoric thus verbiage concerning your saintly ways
Preaching how you are not bound to this place, nonetheless the river’s waters are now within you

To the world I set you free, for hell is not a place for purity
Just remember it is your choice in what you choose to be…Even if a devil has poisoned thee.

~ Paradise’s Poet ~