The Midnight Moonlight

One minute past the midnight hour and the possibilities of curiosities loomed
Thus, upon on your face I found the moonlight illuminating a beauty in view
A vain creature I saw, an enigma that lusted for man’s riches, and jewels
But, I loved nonetheless, I held you as I dreamt of you with the light of the moon

A second minute past that midnight hour and the impossibilities seemed loose
I have found the treasures of man reflecting in your eyes as you awoke from your slumber
A wonder to me how a woman can be so lovely, wherefore I wondered why does she adore me?
This riddle will always puzzle me, yet whatever is the reason consider me to be lucky

As I attained a deep infatuation under the moon that openly gleamed with
The four dimensional divergence of an anti-semitic second rank tensor equating to zero

Ergo, it seems that the third minute has come
As I stare at the hands of a clock reaching slightly past midnight, therefore
Into the twilight flew the arrows of Eros piecing my heart with those poison vows of affection
And according to my distorted recollection I whispered that you maybe god’s only perfection

The golden ratio belonging to fibonacci modified from a collection of cosmic stardust
Creating a wanderlust to travel through the universe in hopes to perpetuate us

Regardless, Flawlessly you bloomed in the fourth minute eloping with the midnight
If only I was a playwright, I would dramatically write plays about the moonlight
Then, would I compose sonnets that ever so often idolize my dearest companion
Imagine one who gives that gentle claire de la lune a valid purpose to live and to shine

The fifth minute irreducible in this beloved midnight hour
Where I became entranced by the moonlight cascading through the frameworks of my window
Phenomenal, the way the light caresses your skin, an indefinite wonderment virtually all to unequivocal
Thus, silencio to fill the air, hence a kiss to prove that you are truly there;…My dear…
A kiss for a moment six minutes past the mid of night, enlighten so surely by that captivating satellite

~ Paradise’s Poet ~