The Night Sky Pt: 11 – Chronomatic

Let’s look into this distorted realm akin to infinite possibilities
There, center stage lies a phantom, a fourth dimensional savant,
A charismatic void infused with concrete conscious thoughts
Solidified by a stagnate transparent plane of energy mistaken as a lawless continuum

Yet, this pendulum, which is not, but an entity everlasting to one’s own personal views
Makes reality relative to those synchronizing ripples tied to a fluctuating space that
Swings ever so severely, evidently…proving thee structural evidence of an existing anomaly
A parallel perceptional universe, a paradox loosely dressed and weighted as time

Atomic, galactic, regional or otherwise
All seemed to have their own illusionary opera actively ticking subatomic-ly aligned
Thus, in our mind’s is it all simply… prospectively a notion cinematically divine
Very define, together fine and finite are these intricate workings
Individually lost to a covenant of chrono-matic crystalized quartzes labeled as our lives

An ethereal delay predating a mortified break within a diverted timeline

Therefore, spilt the resonating phases frequently converging those neutrons
To bind photonic historical electrons to a nebula like fragmented prism
Quantum-ly count the spatial virtual particles and colliding cosmic esoteric masses
Trapped within a demi-titan’s hourglass, whose hope equivocal to mine
Advocates that a moment would find eternity, allowing whispers kindred to love to shine

Through the quatrains that upholds a one sided mask that hides an ill-favored face…

What if that tantalizing trinket called time only shifted because we are perpetually traversing
Bending a petrified space coinciding said novelty stretching a falsifiable truth
With every molecule entangled to its own impending final sense entitled as a broken tempo
The inescapable…improbable…maybe my dear…but afflicted I am to think so nonetheless

A secret with an accelerated flow unfolds

Things that are truly weightless can transcend the confinements of time
Teeming Thus, what I mean to say, my love, is that when I am with you
I feel as if I am floating dimensional within a kaleidoscope of temporal golden clouds
Elevated beyond this anticipate lie…as your love defies a wrath smiting from evanescent gods

Or at least…or at least this is what I chose to believe,
For, the only imminent ties I will never deny are constructed fully by the faith I have in you
Everything else is just gears glitching, twitching like those beloved stars in the night sky

~ Paradise’s Poet ~