The Night Sky Pt: 13 – Bellissimo

“Who knew that beauty itself could be infatuated by your cosmic eyes.”

Whispered I unto Aphrodite as she became the ebb and flow of my affection
That was tied forever unto the intoxicating impression of a noble essence
Thus, forever was I to find myself lost to a notion found fragmented by time
A sentiment so closely refined held divinity to entwined a purity that bloomed from a lilium’s lips

Still, of your lips that fornicates with a tantalizing bliss, my beloved Aphrodite, I stand convinced
That not even arrows of Eros could even be as captivating as your persuasive kiss…thus wonderment
And words cascading from my heart as I persisted, to make everlasting what was already heaven sent
Therefore, lucid I stared into a stone made of amethyst hoping to compare your elegance

For all to compelling was this Venus who along life’s dreaded riviere danced in an enchanting volvre,
But, there in a majestic moment I awoke from an elevated sense of providence

Por favor mi amor, do not leave me again

Because, for a time now I have found myself drowning within a liquid profane
Hoping to look pass this world were in my eyes shades of shame dance with flames
Which burns ever so passionately like these narcotics that tend ease this revolving pain
A heavy heart to weight furthermore, I remain a tattered fiend tied to a beloved novocain

As crystals create a beautiful sight of poison to mesmerize those inebriated membranes
That falls in love with a stimulant so vain,
I, However, wish for more only to hold you, my bella, a bit longer before I say a grim nevermore

A spirit so poor…The weakness and tears of a man hidden within sedatives and cocaine…

Likely among this inferno a vision of my Aphrodite, the planetary goddess to whom of which I miss
Hold me throughout the night as the fluid acid fulfills this lingering emptiness; A perfect madness…
Who knew that beauty itself could be infatuated by your cosmic eyes
Whispered I unto Aphrodite as I knew life no more, yet upon my heart burned my lover’s tattooed lore

Which displayed an eternal sun traversing across a moonless night sky,
Bellissimo, I will say was this life of mine and of the moments that we often shared,
My Aphrodite, heaven is a perceptional thing, and you unto me, was the perception of heaven’s dreams

~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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