The Night Sky Pt: 14 – Альби́на, Моя звезда

Old man:
Look up at the night sky… beautiful isn’t it… this star studded obscurity
Brimming with eternity, captivating, compelling one towards moments of inertia
Having no sight of profanity, honestly what could be more forthcoming
Tell me boy what may steal glory from the prolific nature belong to the heavens?

Young man: Альби́на

Old man:
Ah! My boy, but is that not heaven
… A sweet love. A creature made of stardust and star fire
Blessed by the cosmic energy radiating from our creator, and his angels
Found eternal within your heart for a lifetime, thus a lifetime after

Young man: да, она моя звезда

Old man:
Right! So to you that divinity is perfect…Virgin like
Similar to all these heavenly bodies corrupting the atmosphere in a serene way
Such a universal parley, A gift from God that echoes with a light that doesn’t fade away
However you seem troubled today?

Young man: Я ее потерял

Old man:
Oh, it is tragedy looming over your shoulder.
No matter how many stars are near by,
The night always seems a bit colder without our closest star to illuminate the sky
Misery to those goodbyes… speak your heart for a woman so benign.

Young man:  Я скучаю по тебе, моя звезда
Я всегда буду любить тебя…Рядом или далеко
All these night skies are about you, All these tales are stories inspired by the love I still have for you.

(The *young man* is speaking Russian)

~ Paradise’s Poet ~