The Night Sky Pt: 15 – La Vie En Rose

6 thoughts on “The Night Sky Pt: 15 – La Vie En Rose

  1. I do think it is possible for “a man could come to become lost, via the contemplations of his missing affections”.

    I have been looking for examples of what might be called “prose poetry”. I wonder if this would be considered such?

  2. It took me a while to read your romantic piece, mainly due to my eyes not coping with the font size but I have worked out a comfortable way around it!

    I like the pace, the rhythm of the poem, which gives the feeling of walking with the speaker of the poem and imagining the ‘vixen that scorned my heart’.

  3. Mesmerized by this your write ups that steal my breath and make me sign….
    Youtruly leave me wanting to be I love
    Or to find love….

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