The Night Sky Pt.8 Epilogue – Starry Night

Priceless perceptional pearls
Were the gems once held in the heavens
But it has been so long since I have viewed the night sky
That I do not remember if they are still there

For my past has caused me to turn a blind eye to such wonders
Thus at dusk I walk foolishly looking down
To pretend as if that angelic sight that illuminates the stratosphere
Faded with the forgotten love that I had was once known

And though weak hearted I may peer
I also do so, so that I may never stumble again

Yet some cosmic sound keeps whispering to me
Vivified visual descriptions of beauty
Furthermore lately do I find myself daydreaming of the stars
And of the white sands belonging to the moon

Perhaps all I need is to see the reflection of a starry night
In a rain puddle beneath my feet
To invoke the emotions that was lost in time
With my now wasted tattered memories

Maybe then I can open my sheltered heart to someone
One who bears a beloved smile and a gentle laugh that can echo in my ears
With a welcoming tone which could comfort my soul


That would be a day that I would treasure
Yet until that hour… that moment
I step lightly and recklessly down this path

For my future is unknown but
I always will hold a wishful hope instilled within my mind
Every time I see the ocean blue rain fall in the night sky…

…Life is but a droplet as fragile as it all may seem

~ Paradise’s Poet ~