The Night Sky Pt: 9 – Good Morning

Good morning dear
There is an ocean of dreams that I have dreamt of you
And in the sky are pearls that I wish to encrust within your eyes
For, you are the unspoken embodiment of heaven’s grace

Good morning my dear
There are the seven seas and seven shades of beauty that you claim
My, if only those diamonds in the sky would become of you I would find grace
As, you are a glimpse of paradise with a story untold waiting to be embraced

Good morning sweet dear
Look out of your window and see the riviere revel at your radiant grace
So, that the gemstones trapped within the atmosphere can watch you smile
To mimic your essence, an elegance that is untouched by time

Now, Eclipse a moon that chased the sun and sit with me for a while

My sweet dear I must confess
That I cannot remember the last memory of me saying Good morning to you
Even when I stare into these waters that echo a star’s image reflecting a shine
That you, yourself have come to create from the pure bliss of your soul’s spine

Forgive me, as mornings are not of the norm, nor of grace is this life anymore

Whereas, those sunny morrows left when you did…thus my eyes trailed with tears
Still, perhaps one of these days, lunar lights will ellipse
Until then, a Good night is what I will say to my dear sweet love to whom of which I miss

With my heart scorned I will say Good night…
Good night my dear, until the next daybreak breaks through this abyss

~ Paradise’s Poet ~