The Night Sky Pt:10 – Besame Mucho

Always now do I find myself stargazing at this night sky
Which, floods my eyes with the sight of celestial space particles
And in an everlasting time I forever seem to be lost to a collapsing gravitational cloud
That breeds with such matter that its ambiance is beyond interstellar and it glows vibrantly so

As it poses to be
A fundamental phenomenal paradox to my greatest sins and my lingering woes
Thereby, Kiss me generously underneath these engraved ice halos
As pulsating variables guide cosmic planetary cycles to align with geometric planetary cocoons

Attracting ionized molecules for a fool
To fall in love while glaring deeply into the Galilean moons
For, it would be as if Apollo and Callisto violently infused

To create tectonic tyranny among distorted known galaxies
Where they all danced in spirals to the sounds of Andromeda’s enduring Newtonian tune
One eclipse pass noon upon an ecliptic plane I saw pulse fire in a majestic blue

You swiftly flew as an ultra violet symmetrical outline with a radiating helix
Causing magnetic disturbances, dismantling a king from his throne, thus I threw
Useless rhetoric to a beautiful Bellatrix who
Emits solar flares while summoning black holes to consume Utopia’s light and Europa’s view

The only photonic deity that should ever exist in my world is to be you

Therefore, what equates from the critical velocity of this brief evolution is a simple wish
Through, the written binary that forms focal ratios trailing along the latitude equating to zero
Which, is just another intergalactic variation of the word infinity…Steganography,
Bound to quantum physics teeming slightly towards the realm of astrophysics

But, if I must simplify these emotions guarded by an astral armada of nebula like citadels
I would simply put it like this… with these words you once whispered in a song to me
Besame Mucho my dear…Besame Mucho…endlessly and without fear

~ Paradise’s Poet ~